Life in Subdivisions

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Cup Song - Rite of Spring

This is everything my music theory class should have been. 

Such update. Very computer. Much speed. Wow. #Windows #NotEvenOnce
New set of choir risers to put together and a TARDIS with dry erase windows! #wibblywobblytimeywimey #musiceducation  (at Valley Arts & Science Academy)
My music classroom :) #MusicEducation  (at Valley Arts & Science Academy)
I got the keys to my classroom today. #LetTheAdventureBegin :) #MusicEducation #VASA  (at Valley Arts & Science Academy)
Sharing my passion with students only to see it come back tenfold. #musiceducation #YHS #woodwindtechnician  (at Yosemite High School Football Field)



Every time Bob Belcher says “oh my god”

#happilyevermarlow :)
Reminiscing with @hashtaglancem about the past 12 years. Congrats on the beautiful wedding!  #HappilyEverMarlow  (at East Lake Ranch)

Reunited and it feels so good! Excited to spend the weekend with @joshrosenblumband #JRB (at Rivets American Grill)

Needed a jump to get home today. These two came to the rescue. #FamilyMatters
It’s my last week at Apple, happy to be teaching in my final days there. :) Join me for my clap out on Thursday 7/31 at 5:30PM. #ThankYouApple

#Ska sneak preview of a @iwanagaska track :) #skapocalypse

Time to record some @IwanagaSka vocals :) #ska